Recent Work


24"x18", acrylic

I have always wanted to do a painting based on this 2016 award winning photo of the Syrian White Helmets during the Syrian civil war. They are working in Aleppo’s ruins from Russian bombs and were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. It was a difficult painting for me, and I wasn’t sure I could do it. I was often tearful while trying to paint. But the baby isn’t crying – maybe it is his father receiving him?


Zebra Swallowtail butterfly, Cecropia moth, Luna moth, Monarch butterfly
8"x 8" each, framed, acrylic

Engine 830

24"x18", acrylic


36" x 24" each, acrylic

Montague October

10"x30", acrylic

“Color! Vibration! Rhythm! Celebration! These are essential to my work. It is a completely joyful process to me.”

Louise Minks