The Barnes Gallery

13 Montague Rd, Leverett Center, 5 min. from Amherst



About LCA Programs and The Barnes Gallery                                                                 Updated 6 - 2013 
The Barnes Gallery, 13 Montague Rd, Leverett, MA.
For more information please contact:
(413) 548-9070,, or Facebook page.
(Gallery available for event function rentals.)

Special thanks to the Massachusetts Cultural Council for a  2 year Peers grant.
State grants are awarded through a competitive process.
This grant signifies that LCA provides a high level of public value through its programs and community service.

About Leverett Crafts and Arts Center

Originally called Leverett Craftsmen and Artists, LCA first came into being in the 1960's. The 19th century building was a steam powered factory which used native timber to make wooden boxes. After the factory closed in the 1940's, the building housed poultry and sank into decrepitude. In the 1960's Joseph and Lois Barnes came to Leverett with a visionary idea: to create a center for the training of crafters and the production and marketing of crafts and artworks. After Joe's premature death, Lois mobilized a grass roots group of artists and community members who made the dream a reality. This was an all volunteer effort, hard to imagine in today's world. The reconstruction of the building, led by Llan Starkweather, was heroic-from chicken coop to art center with no budget.

Since then, almost 50 years ago, LCA has survived and flourished. Where other arts organizations have succumbed to the pressures of changing times, LCA has continually reinvented itself. Hundreds of resident artists have passed through, leaving their stamp on a unique and always evolving creative community. The LCA artists in residence are a creative and vital group which helps shape the artistic life of our area.

In 2011 the siding and entries were replaced with funding from the Leverett Community Preservation, the Community Foundation of Western Mass, and the LCA. The roof was replaced with self funding with the help of Northampton coop bank.


Beaman & Marvel Box Factory and Workers, 1926, now Leverett Crafts and Arts.


These old windows were
replaced during the 2008 Window

LCA Programs
  • LCA provides low cost space for creative work in a beautiful setting.

  • LCA resident artists give such classes and workshops as figure drawing, jewelry, ceramics, weaving, art for children, creativity training, flute making, yoga and more.

  • The Barnes Gallery offers a full schedule of exhibitions, giving artists a chance to connect with the community.

     A 2011 art show in the Barnes Gallery shows off the new oak floor. Serena Stone raised funds and volunteers installed the flooring. 




The Barnes Gallery

  • Opportunities for school, college and adult art students to learn by displaying their work to the public.

  • Shows by individual artists

  • Craft sales, such as the Holiday Store that invites resident and local artists to sell their art in the gallery each November and December.

  • Music and other performance events

  • Group shows supporting local organizations such as the Peace Pagoda and the Dakin Animal Shelter.

Celtic Heels perform during the Go, Kids Art, Go! event at the Barnes Gallery.

2011 Leverett Crafts & Arts, 13 Montague Rd., Leverett, MA 01054